Anonyme: hey girl hey, a big fat merci for your blog. no one gets my sho/fredrick obsession over here


I mostly post over at anfassen these days, but I love and miss this blog and will have to do more here. 

Thank you so much, anon! Sho/Fred are my precious babies and I get your obsession. I get it so hard. I am here for you, for all your French Jewish theater proprietor/German War Hero needs ♥ 

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Summertime Sadness | A season long comment fic-a-thon

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Out of all the interactions between Shosanna and Fredrick, these moments between them in the restaurant are among my favorites. Here, with the arrival of Landa, Shosanna is very visibly shaken - which does not go unnoticed by Fredrick. While Goebbels and co. file out to leave the Colonel to his business of intimidating and interrogating the young theater proprietor who has so clearly captured the war hero’s heart, Fredrick stays behind with her.

He stays behind and does what so far in the film, no one else has done to the Jew hunter:

Fredrick Zoller challenges Hans Landa.

Though nervously polite, a challenge is a challenge, and Fredrick does so at the risk to himself, and all for her.

This potential confrontation is ultimately defused by the Reichsminister, and with his concerns assuaged, Fredrick departs (but not before giving the back of Shosanna’s hand a kiss goodbye, of course).

However, what is so truly engaging about this scene is Shosanna and Mélanie Laurent’s stunning acting - it’s all in how she stares up desperately at Fredrick, silently pleading with him for some kind of understanding, for him to get her out of there and away from the man who murdered her family. Yet try as she might, it is a futile endeavor. When it is made apparent that he cannot rescue her, Shosanna is crushed and her devastation is both palpable and heartbreaking. 

One some level, Shosanna Dreyfus trusts Fredrick Zoller.

It’s quite beautiful to see.

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She’s gone, I said - she’s gone and I’m alone. It was a wound.

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For those who care (and I don’t really mind if you don’t), I’m finally in the beginning stages of getting the help I need.

As part of this new beginning, I have started a new tumblr:

Follow if you want, or not. This blog won’t be deleted or changed. I may even come back to it, but that won’t be for a long while (or so I’ve decided for now).

I love you all ♥

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Stalker (1979) / Nostalghia (1983)

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The fire I speak of is not a kind fire.

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